Theodorus Spiral Shields

I am hoping to manufacture Theodorus Shields for sale. The shields represent a mixing of creativity with technology. The factory will employ local trade and crafts people to produce and sell the shields.

Back Story

I originally wanted to construct an iron umbrella, with Theodorus Spiral shape. It would have had a centre pole and the umbrella would have been attached to the pole and the pole would have stood on a concrete base. The reason behind the material selection is to use a metal, ceramic and a polIMG_2259ymer material. I  had sixteen sheet steel triangles cut for in between the spokes but it made the piece too heavy.

Instead I decided on the shield. It’s spokes were forged in a coke fueled fire using artistic blacksmithing techniques. I need to get a pattern made so that I can then cast future shields out of Aluminium or ideally Aluminium Bronze.

IMG_1868 - Copy

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